The Smallest Solution for ESD-Safe Barcode Reading


New ESD Safe Fixed-Mount Imager from Microscan

The Smallest Solution for ESD-Sensitive Projects

The MINI Hawk ESD Safe imager is the smallest complete solution for reading 1D/2D codes in static-sensitive and clean room environments. Aggressive X-Mode™ algorithms allow decoding of even the most difficult direct part marks (DPM) safely and at close proximity on static-sensitive electronics components and assemblies. The MINI Hawk's unique nickel plating and ESD safe labels & cabling make it the only ESD safe solution certified for use in ISO Class 3 clean rooms.

  • ESD-safe nickel plating
  • ESD-safe labels and cabling
  • Certified for ISO Class 3 clean rooms
  • X-Mode decode algorithms
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Available in High-Resolution and High-Speed models
  • Close-range decoding (1.3 in / 33 mm)
  • Out-of-the-box calibration
  • Autofocus capability

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Microscan AutoVISION 2.0 Software

Now Available! Next Generation Machine Vision Software Combines Ease of Use with Powerful Inspection Tools.

Drag and Drop Vision Tools from decode to verification
Scalability for projects of expanding scope
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EtherNet/IP Support for industrial processes
Multi-Job Support to store and switch between jobs
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