WAGO has two business divisions containing thousands of innovative products.  Our ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS division features terminal blocks and connectors while our AUTOMATION division develops products for decentralized automation. 

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Intelligent bus stations, with built-in bus electronics, interface with your existing devices. TURCK bus stations provide diagnostics, short circuit protection, automatic baud rate detection, and are node addressable. Also, the BL ident RFID system can be integrated into existing platforms, and supports PROFIBUS®-DP, DeviceNet™, Modbus-TCP, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™. The simulator can help you design a system tailor-made to your specific application needs.
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Industrial VPN routers

In a single, seamless integrated package, the eWON industrial router combines a modem, an IP router, drivers for both serial and Ethernet PLC protocols, and a processor for autonomous management of communication tasks, and it offers additional services for PLC parameters.
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New Flexy

New Flexy

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RFID, inc. is an engineering firm specializing in RFID and the manufacturer of RFID hardware. 99% of our products are Proudly Made in the USA. We are American owned and operated.
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Banner Engineering's SureCross Wireless System is an industrial wireless I/O network that can operate in extreme environments and eliminate the need for costly wiring. The most basic SureCross sensor network includes a Gateway system controller and one or more Nodes that monitor and/or control I/O in remote locations.
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