Mark Ermatinger was accepted into the class of 2019 JEM program.

Mark Ermatinger was accepted into the class of 2019 JEM program. The mentor for Mark and Industrial Control is Pat Greene, President of Cascade Die Casting Group, Inc. in Grand Rapids MI.  This three year commitment to work together twice a month is coupled with JEM meetings throughout the year with other mentors and mentees. "I am excited to learn from Pat and other Mentor's experiences to grow our second generation business!"  said Mark Ermatinger.


A JEM mentee is a business owner/president/decision maker at a for-profit business who has the desire to grow his or her company, yet recognizes the need for a mentor that will help them develop as a leader and navigate through those challenging business decisions.


The West Michigan business community has a clearly recognizable mentoring culture. 





Delivering quality mentoring to strengthen and enhance West Michigan's business leaders.

  • Enabling business leaders to become effective thru the JEM process.

  • Deliver quality mentoring in the most efficient and effective manner for long-term success.

  • Outcomes of the Mentor program will produce more profitable and sustainable organizations.

  • Use process to improve our results.

  • Provide Mentees exposure to business and community leaders.

Top row starting left:
Paul Hendricks; Vander Mill
Elliott Rader; Gluten Free Bar
Sara Knoester; Mixed Staffing & Recruiting
Marshall Rader; Gluten Free Bar
Dustin Deckrow; Angstrom Supply
D.J. Vander Slick; DJ’s Landscape Management Inc.

Bottom starting left:
Kyle Verplank; Light Corp
John DeYoung; Euro-Lock
Mark Ermatinger; Industrial Control
Terry Boer; Executive Air Transport

Not photographed:
Nathan Owen; Blue Medora