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Wondering how the Internet of Things movement will affect your manufacturing company? Imagine tracking the temperature and vibration of every critical motor in your plant in real time and then preemptively getting a text message from the cloud before the motor fails.  How much downtime and money would it cost for this production line to sit still? Now Image your competitors installing these wireless sensors and measuring this data every day?  Visit Industrial control dot com to learn more, that's Industrial control dot com.

Automation is changing the face of manufacturing… West Michigan based Industrial Control provides free consulting on advanced automation that can quickly reduce your total manufacturing cost and optimize efficiency.  Industrial Control will keep your business up-to-date on the latest technologies that will ensure your competitive edge.  If your manufacturing company is looking to automate processes, contact Industrial Control today at Industrial control dot com, that's Industrial control dot com.

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Proof of outgoing goods

Have you ever purchased something that requires assembly, only to find wrong or missing hardware?  Remember the frustration?  Keep your client's happy, by ensuring accuracy of your business' packaging systems. Implement new technology to instruct, check, confirm, and document every step of your packaged goods. Instantly retrieve packaging details and images for any shipped product. Eliminate manual inspection and rework. See video examples of this automation at Industrial Control dot com, that’s Industrial Control dot com.


How safe is your factory?  Did you know there is new microwave motion technology being used on the factory floor that detects and distinguishes between people and fork trucks to help prevent accidents? Or new laser scanners that can slow or stop equipment before your employee gets to close? The cost of these safe guards is dropping fast.  Contact Industrial Control to meet with a safety engineer to review areas you want to make safer, that’s Industrial Control dot com.

Image a self-driving robots working on your manufacturing floor transporting products and scrap materials alongside you employees.  Or imagine using collaborative robots to handle repetitive tasks so you can re-deploy your staff with more important skilled functions.  Industrial Control will guide you through these automation improvements that can dramatically change your bottom line.  West Michigan based Industrial Control provides free automation consulting, that's Industrial control dot com.

With area unemployment rates nearing all-time lows, recruitment is a growing concern for manufacturing companies.  Free up manpower assigned to repetitive tasks and maximize your work-force's skills.  Optimize efficiency with robotic automation that run continuously to keep your business moving.  Industrial Control, right here in West Michigan, can create a customized automation plan for your business.  Contact Industrial Control today at Industrial Control dot com, that's Industrial control dot com.