New Products from Datalogic

PowerScan PM9500-DPM Evo.png
Laser Sentinel lato ok-882.png

New Datalogic Product LINEUP for 2019

  • Matrix 120™ Barcode Reader Smallest in Size, Giant in Performance

  • Matrix 220™ Barcode Reader The most compact and flexible top performer

  • PowerScan™ DPM Barcode Reader (Shown on the left)

  • AREX400 Fiber Laser Marker for Direct Part Marking

  • Marvis barcode reading software built into new laser markers. Mark Read Verify Integrated Solution

  • Advanced OCR Tool For Challenging applications

  • LASER SENTINEL Safety Laser Scanner family for Machine Safety (Shown on the left)

  • SG4 FIELDBUS Safety light curtain with integrated openSAFETY protocol over POWERLINK

  • S70 IO-Link Advanced fiber optic amplifiers for high speed and low contrast applications. (Shown on the left)

  • Master IO-Link Connecting smart sensors to the cloud